Insa – Instituto Nacional do Semiárido

Experimental Station


The Experimental Station of the National Institute of Semiarid is a space for the execution of research and demonstration of sustainable technologies to improve the relationship between man and climate conditions, water, social and environmental aspects of Brazilian semiarid. In terms of space, has an area of 675 hectares located in the Lucas Ranch, also Campina Grande (PB).

Currently, the infrastructure of the Experiment Station has electric and hydraulic system, internet, computer room, tool room and warehouse, also has nursery seedling production, greenhouse, weather station, management center to support research with races cattle, and cultivated areas with cacti, grasses and other species native to the Brazilian semiarid.

Mouse over the dots and see the animation below the Infrastructure Experiment Station, part of it still in the process of expansion:

mapa da infraestrutura

Nurseries and Greenhouses (In expansion)

Administration (In reform bill)

Canteen (In design)

Accommodation (In design)

Area expansion (In design)

Miguel Arraes Laboratories Complex (Under construction)

Celso Furtado Laboratories Complex (Under construction)

Area expansion (In design)

Research with animals (In design)

Storage shed (Built)

Sheepfolds (Built)

House Honey (In design)

Garage (In design)

House Worker (In design)

Warehouse (In design)

Carpentry (In design)

It is Experimental Station that focus the Institute's research and experiments. Is in the process of finalizing the construction of a sophisticated laboratory structure: the complex Celso Furtado, with four laboratories in the areas of Animal Breeding and Production, Plant Ecology and Ecophysiology, and Miguel Arraes complex, with three laboratories that comprise the areas of biotechnology, Natural Resources and Agribusiness. Also under construction is the core of Caprinovinocultura, site dedicated to carry out experiments in the area of ​​animal reproduction.

With the construction of Complexes Laboratories and the Center for Caprinovinocultura with cutting-edge equipment and facilities still missing in the Northeast for research on the Semiarid, researchers from Brazil and abroad, as well as students in graduate programs who wish to conduct part or all of their work in the Brazilian semiarid region will have access to these laboratories, through cooperative partnerships between institutions.