Insa – Instituto Nacional do Semiárido

Experimental Station

Laboratory Complex

The installation and operation of special laboratories open to the scientific community will give force to Insas functions and principles of always working as a partner, sharing infrastructure, connecting institutions and promoting exchange of professional talents for the benefit of sustainability in Brazils Semi-Arid region.

In the 2012-2015 Units Master Plan, one of Insas goals concerning the consolidation of infrastructure of science, technology and innovation development is to “finish by 2012 the advanced laboratories of CT&I at the Experimental Station, in order to enable the development of researches along with other institutional actors related to relevant themes of Brazils Semi-Arid region”. It is expected that by 2013 all infrastructure necessary to the functioning and operation of laboratories be concluded so that activities in the new facilities may start.

The implementation of the Laboratory Complexes at the Experimental Station to develop researches in their respective areas is divided according to the following infrastructure:

Celso Furtado Laboratory Complex
  • Areas:
  • Animal Production;,
  • Animal Reproduction;,
  • Ecophysiology;,
  • Plant Ecology..
Miguel Arraes Laboratory Complex
  • Areas:
  • Biotechnology;,
  • Natural Resources;,
  • Agricultural industry;.