Insa – Instituto Nacional do Semiárido

Researches and Projects

Biodiversity And Sustainable Use

This program’s aim is to deepen the awareness on biodiversity, sustainable use and preservation of ecosystems of Brazil’s semiarid region generated by the progress of scientific knowledge on evolutionary processes that generate and maintain the diversity of genes, species and ecosystems.

To reach this goal, interinstitutional research projects are being carried out, in combination with several active parties in the region, namely:

Biodiversity And Sustainable Use Of Brazil’s Semi-Arid Region

This projects aim is to collect, characterize and evaluate plant species with forage potential for feeding sheep and goats in Brazils Semi-Arid region.

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Genetic diversity and karyology of plants exclusive of inselbergs of Brazil’s Semi-Arid region.

This actions aim is to precisely pinpoint the most vulnerable spots in Brazils Semi-Arid region and the species and populations of these areas. The objective is the sustainable and controlled use of these natural resources, especially by surrounding populations, which will guarantee more extra income to these traditional populations.

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Preservation and sustainable use of cactaceae of Brazil’s Semi-Arid region

This action aims to conduct studies in partnership with other institutions, agencies and the private sector to gauge the potential value of agroindustrial cactáceas the Brazilian Semiarid purpose of adding value

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