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Researches and Projectss

Desertification And Climate Changes In Brazils Semi-Arid Region

This programs aim is to combine national and international institutions to carry out studies and projects on the desertification process dynamics, strategies of recuperation, management of degraded areas and climate changes in Brazils Semi-Arid region through the organization of debates on the theme and diffusion of their results.

Since 2006 Insa has promoted different activities, such as technical meetings and workshops with parties sympathetic to the theme, which have generated three interinstitutional projects of regional reach, namely:

Systematic monitoring of desertification processes in Brazils Semi-Arid region: subsidies for public policies

Desertification is a kind of environmental degradation likely to occur in dry weather zones all around the world, due especially to deforestation, misuse of soil and intensive use of pastures and agricultural areas. In this context, Brazils Semi-Arid region, covering about one million square kilometers, is considered one of the greatest areas in the world susceptible to the process of desertification.

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Family agricultural systems resilient to extreme environmental events in Brazils Semi-Arid region: alternatives to face the processes of desertification and climate changes (Insa - ASA)

This project was born out by combining the National Institute for Brazils Semi-Arid Region (Instituto Nacional do Semiárido – Insa/MCTI) and Articulation in Brazils Semi-Arid region (Articulação no Semiárido Brasileiro – ASA Brasil), which joined science, technology, innovation and social inclusion in order to build alternatives for productive and sustainable life in Brazils Semi-Arid region.

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Organization of farming production systems in Brazils Semi-Arid region: possible and necessary co-existence

Fighting desertification and land degradation in the semi-arid region must be a priority for the Country, since this region is home to nearly 23 million Brazilians, of which 8.6 million live in the rural area.

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Creation of the Research Center of Mineralogical Characterization and Environmental Biogeochemistry at Headquarters and Industrial Region of Brazilian Semiarid

The project aims at the creation of the Research Center of Mineralogical Characterization and Environmental Biogeochemistry at Headquarters and the Brazilian Semiarid Industrial, in order to provide the mineralogical analysis of soils and biogeochemistry of areas subject to desertification processes in the region.

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