Insa – Instituto Nacional do Semiárido

Researches and Projects

Social Technology And Development Nucleus (Núcleo De Desenvolvimento E Tecnologia Sociais – Ndts)

Organizing, categorizing and mapping technologies for/of the semi-arid region

In this project Insa structured the Social Technology and Development Nucleus (NDTS), which operates in three main areas: (1) Social Technologies; (2) Contextualized Education; and (3) Creative Economy. The first aims at knowing, pinpointing, studying and – through partners in organized sectors of civil society acting in the semi-arid region –, promote the technologies produced in and for the semi-arid region, in harmony with the historical-cultural context of the communities of the region, based on the principle of environmental sustainability.

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Organizing and following up specialization courses of Edict 35/2010

Since 2010, Insa has been following up specialization courses in the field of Contextualized Education

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Organizing didactic and para-didactic materials for publishing

Since one of its main goals is the diffusion of technologies and knowledge about the semi-arid region, Insa believes that publishing and helping publish didactic and para-didactic materials that may help those who search and build knowledge is one important strategy.

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Organizing the II National Seminar on Contextualized Education for Brazils Semi-Arid region (II Seminário Nacional de Educação Contextualizada para a Convivência com o Semiárido Brasileiro – SNECSAB)

With the theme "A Contextual Education Universities in Tariff", the seminar will aim to discuss the role of universities in the process of diffusion and consolidation of Contextual Education for Coexistence in the Semiarid.

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Incubation of rural schools under the principles of Rural Education and Contextualized Education in desertification areas of SAB

The Project aims to articulate the various municipal entities, the federal government, through the Ministry of Agrarian Development (MDA) and the participant PRONACAMPO, and MEC, to enable schools in areas of the field in an advanced process of desertification with contextualized curriculum components with the Semiarid , towards the development and field use of social technologies suitable for rehabilitation of areas undergoing desertification and sustainable development of the Brazilian semiarid.

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General catalog, environmental history and ethnohistory of Brazils Semi-Arid region in the colonial and imperial periods

Objective with this project documents the rescue of the manuscript, printed and pictorial about the Brazilian Semiarid order to produce a book entry documents and a collection of DVDs with images of all documents listed in the survey, aiming publication.

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