Insa – Instituto Nacional do Semiárido

Researches and Projects

Production Systems

Revitalizing the Opuntia cochenillifera culture in the Semi-Arid region

This project aims to strengthen the cactus as noble culture and economic importance from pest-resistant varieties of Cochineal-of-Carmine as subsidies for public policies for agroecological production.

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Systems of sustainable animal production

This action will be accomplished through a project involving research, technology dissemination, training and capacity building in the area of Sustainable Livestock Production Systems.

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Utilization of agroindustrial cactáceas the Brazilian Semiarid (SAB AGRO NETWORK – Cacti)

This action aims to conduct studies in partnership with other institutions, agencies and the private sector to gauge the potential value of agroindustrial cactáceas the Brazilian Semiarid purpose of adding value.

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