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Management of water resources and water reuse in Brazils Semi-Arid region

This program aims to link up with national and international institutions for the implementation of strategies, mechanisms and institutional arrangements for the feasibility of pilot projects Research and Development (R & D) on the management of water resources and the reuse of water in the semiarid Brazilian.

Water Reuse in the Brazilian Semiarid

The Brazilian Semiarid has the remarkable feature to reduced water availability. Moreover, the region is home to a population of 22.5 million inhabitants, where, depending on the extract of the municipality, has a per capita consumption of water ranging from 100 to 143 L / person / day, which ultimately after use, collection and treatment, represents a permanent and constant source of water and nutrients, essential inputs for the development of agriculture in the semiarid region.

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Prospective study of the potential for water reuse in the Brazilian semiarid

In recent years, several regions of the country have experienced an accelerated pace of economic growth, accompanied by a high demand for natural resources, especially water. In the Brazilian semiarid, studies show that to sustain current rates of economic and population growth are made necessary investments in expansion and / or construction of new water supply systems. In this sense, the planned use of wastewater implies less need for primary catchment water resources and a smaller generation of effluents, constituting, therefore, an effective strategy for the conservation of this natural resource in its qualitative and quantitative aspects .

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